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  • Don't get Buried in
    dirty laundry
    Lets swag you up!
    No matter how dirty your laundry is, Mozera's got your back.
  • Give your moving
    to the Professionals
    Whether residential or industrial moving, we handle both in grand style.
  • Any type of cleaning can be
    Why don't you transfer the burden to us at
  • Protect your home and business
    by saying goodbye to
    pests and rodents
  • Give your child a
    World-class care
    by our Nannies
  • No place is too far, no food is too difficult
    to prepare
    for our Mobile Chefs
  • Don't bother patronizing those quacks in your neighborhood
    we've got experts
    in our handy-men


Mozera Home Services (MHS) is a 1st class company committed to meeting your needs in a professional manner through offering services like cleaning, moving, domestic help and repair, in order to improve your standard of living and save your time in a cost-effective way, while also giving you the satisfaction you desire.

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Our services includes Laundry, Home Cleaning services, Nanny services, Mobile Chef, Handy-men service & Moving.

We deliver only

Top Quality Services

Mozera Home Services (MHS) is committed to meeting the needs of the working class populace in a professional manner through offering services like laundry, cleaning, moving, domestic help and repair, in order to improve standard of living and save time at optimum cost.

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We Provide Quality

Services in these areas

laundry service
Laundry Services

We will not only help you clean your clothings, we will go all the way by picking up your clothes and dropping them off at your preferred location.

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Professional Cleaning

Let's clean your home and turn it into that palace that you have always dreamt of.

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Fumigation & Pest Control

Protect your home and business by saying goodbye to pests and rodents. They are disease-causing organisms and can get in the way of your sound health. Let us help you take them out and make you smile.

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Nanny Services

Well-cultured and trained nannies that can give your child or your elderly ones a 5-star treatment.

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Mobile Chef

Professional and home-grown Chefs that are ready to show up at your location, giving you a taste of nothing short of your chosen finest cuisines.

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Handy-Man Service

Are you tired of those quacks wrecking havoc on your fittings and repairs? Then engage the services of well-trained and certified handy-men at Mozera today.

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Moving Services

When you are moving to that dream home of yours, we will be there to ensure that you have a hassle-free transition.

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Fast & Easy

We handle all projects with ease and deliver on or before every deadline.

All Services Included

All of the service that we say we do, we can carry out for any of our clients.

The Best Team

Mozera is a team of highly motivated and well-trained professionals who you will be proud to associate with.

laundry services

Good Quality

Quality, Satisfaction and affordability is our watchword

Satisfied Clients

We would like to add you to our long list of happy and very satisfied clients who keeps referring more people to us.

Serious Team

We don't rest neither do we give up until we leave a touch of perfection on all our projects.

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